Patkós manufactory
We offer a wide range of oboe reeds
Patkós manufactory
We offer a wide range of oboe reeds
Patkós manufactory
We offer a wide range of oboe reeds

Welcome to our website!

Welcome the website of Patkós Oboe Reed Manufactory

My name is Ime Patkós, oboist and oboe reed maker.

We offer a wide selection of oboe reeds in our manufactory for all tastes and playstyles. Smooth and quality oboe playing requires a high-quality personalised oboe reed. Our primary goal is for our reeds to be used and enjoyed by both amateur and professional musicians.

We oboists sometimes forget that although playing the oboe and reed making are related to each other, they are separate abilities. I taught for 25 years and have over 30 years of experience in making reeds. My belief is that reed making is a very individual pursuit. The oboe reed is easily manipulated because of its structure and the nature of carving even in a carved state. We achieve the best results and products if we chose the steps ourselves right from the start, which begins with choosing the material and reed tube.

Materials and technology

The critical point of making a quality oboe reed is choosing the best material. Reed material is an agricultural product the quality of which, similarly to wine, may vary from year to year even within the same plantation. To produce reliable quality products in the long run, we test reed materials for several years from all around the world. We believe that through excellent materials and refined production technologies we will be continuously able to maintain standards.

I have been making oboe reeds for approximately 40 years. We founded our first company in 1993 and we produced reeds and reed making tools up to 2006 which included premium reed making tools alongside tools that are rare to come by elsewhere. Now one and a half decades later Patkós Oboe Reed Manufactory has been renewed thanks to new developments and welcomes its customer with a greater selection of products.

We are overjoyed that after countless preparations our website is complete through which our fellow oboe musicians can order their products.

Thank you for visiting our website!

COVID-19 statement

We closely follow every state and national report on COVID-19. We comply with all recommended guidelines on cleaning and disinfecting the workshop, including all tools and work surfaces. We also require thorough handwashing from our visitors.

All of our reeds are washed in a grain-alcohol solution and washed down with hot water. The reeds are then dried for at least three days. After drying the reeds are packed into boxes and sent to our customers.

After you received the reeds and opened the box – before taking into out of the packaging and trying it – please leave it to air for a day.